There are many different facets of Christian ministry, ranging from the support of those who are in need physically to children's and women's ministries. Our members serve in ways far beyond what you will see below, but here are just a few things we've been involved in as a church. 

Young Women's Class

A new class is starting for all younger women! Thursdays at 6:30pm, a class will be had for you so that you will not miss the encouragement you need from your sisters. NO CHILDREN allowed for this small group. Please provide your own childcare but if you need someone, that can be arranged. See Missy for any details about location and food each week. 

Kingdom Kids

We love every soul, from the ground up! Kingdom Kids is a program for our littles at Moultrie. This is for the earliest of age to 5th grade. Every Sunday night at the 6pm worship service, we train our young ones in church worship and bible study in front of the congregation. They sing songs, answer questions, learn life lessons at their level, and learn how to pray for people. Here is our youngest, Graham Griffin and his daddy Zack. Come and let us help you “train your child in they teaching and discipline of the Lord.” 

Campaign: Capital Hill

Jake Sutton, our preacher, is the director of a national effort of New Testament Christians who take the gospel to Washington, D.C.. With America falling further and further away from any standard of morality, God will not continue to bless the USA. Each of our elected officials receive instructions on God's standard of morality for local government by word of mouth from some of the brotherhoods most able preachers. This is not a work of the Moultrie church of Christ, but we gladly support Jake in this endeavor. This is a yearly event that takes place at our nations capitol where thousands are in attendance. 
For more information, check out their website at www.campaigncapitolhill.com 

Southern Summit

At the close of 2015, the leadership at Moultrie gathered around a table and decided to bring something new to the south Georgia area. In simple terms, the Southern Summit is an edification seminar for the church. Focusing on the doctrine of Christ and His will for the New Testament church along with biblical fellowship. We pray that you will be with us each second weekend of January, every year.